Monday, 28 September 2009

News Just In

So apart from my clever brother being 3rd story on BBC entertainment news today a few other stories have caught my ears and eyes.

Firstly Delroy Smellie - now how does one get through school with a surname like that? I ask you - near on impossible. It surely has to be the worst possible of all monicas. Anyway whatever pain he felt at school it all seems to have been worthwhile as his bully boy tactics were caught by the hippies on camera - and he is going down. I mean you can't just go around hitting ladies with sticks just because they look a bit pikey. It makes me want to cancel my application to be a special constable.

Worry not dear friends I am not really up to be a bobby, but at work we are all being encouraged to sign up to be special constables. What is the world coming to? Now I look as good as the next man in a uniform - (for pictures please send an SAE and a 47p postal order to the usual address) but I can think of better ways to support my community other than by being a hippy beating traffic warden. Don't get me started on kettling! although I do love a nice cup of tea.

Now there was nothing about tea in the news today - more's the pity but can I please get some thoughts from you as to Roman Polanski. Have I entered an alternate reality, has society's views on sex with minors changed overnight?

It seems so strange - no one is calling him a Paedophile and there is no baying for his blood. People whose babies have pierced ears aren't marching on wapping - no homeless people have been burnt for accidently looking a bit shifty. Am I missing something here? He seems to be in receipt of world wide support. I am sure there is a perfectly good explanation, and it'll simply be that I am not paying enough attention.

Cage fighting - now I've heard of dog fighting and chicken fighting - but cage fighting? But even better to be known as a  former cage fighter. It does have a certain ring about it. Anyway him wot i refer to is one of the securitas robbers and he's been banged up courtesy of the Morroccans. The answer is, of course, that if you don't want to do the time - don't do the crime. Aparently we have good extradition arrangements with Morrocco - Polanski better not go there for his hols should he ever be freed!

Oh yes and now over to our health expert.

I wouldn't have the flu jab if I was you, probably do you more harm than the flu.

And on that note I shall leave you, apologise for being so irregular with my ponderings and then only coming up with this drivel.

Food for thought, if nothing else.

Over and out.