Friday, 10 August 2007

I'll show you mine - if you show me yours!

Internationally speaking I'm probably a range of star signs, but here on God's green England I am definitely, oh yes, and without fail, definitely an Aries.

I went on my first blind Blog today. I didn't know him obviously; I'm still to find out much about his parents let alone whether he comes with a dowry.

My dear and gorgeous friend Sophia set us up. In fact I didn't even know she had set us up until it happened. It wasn't planned. I hadn't had time to think what I would wear or whether I should re boot, add another pic of Dan to the page or even park my newest fascination for just one tiny second and tidy my desk. Nothing. I went from casually unpacking my GU puddings and assorted organic vegetables from the Sainsbury's to - BAM! You're on a blind Blog.

Like a bolt out of the blue her note arrived. She had posted it simultaneously to both of us. Her style had overtones of Courtesan fan flickery, sharing our URLs, talking of how she enjoyed both of our 'work', ruefully suggesting we may wish to 'read' each other or share a link. Her language was not flowery, but still so sweet, with such certainty of aim, that neither of us were likely to steer our thoughts but to each others blog.

I didn't know what to say at first. Although you all think I'm full of bravado - half Bergerac half Lovejoy, I am in fact quite shy, and I am only recently out as a blogger. On top of this he seemed so much more experienced; his blog was 'established'. I think he may even have readers.

He was such a gentleman though; he spoke first, mentioned my The Killing of Sister George clip and added me to his links. It was all made so easy for me; all I had to do was read. I knew there wouldn't be any untoward pressure to post.

So thank you Sophia, you wonderful matchmaker, and welcome Stephen, for that is his Monika, and your 1904 blog to the madness which is 'Get Mummy's Purse'. Let all of us take this as our starting point to reach out and shorten the divide between our worlds - wherever they may be. As my dear friend Jean Muir always said 'Darling you can never have too many shades of Navy Blue'. I think there is something for us all there.

God Bless you all.



1904 said...

Now would that be you in the glasses, or the tall one? And don't Soph's emails always seem to arrive on that blue Smythson's writing paper faintly scented with Van Cleef & Arpel?
I can be Stephen if you want, I know how Brits can be with names. My friend Randy went over to visit and had a very odd time he said, but not as strange as our chum Willie's.
Usually, however, I'm George, but if Stephen works better, I'm game. Or "Sailor." Or you can call me something else, long as it isn't "Your Grace," or "Bless Me Father."
BTW, Nigel is a knockout as Dolly, and I happen to know the real one, couldn't tell. Amazing.
I'm still reading your posts, you understand, and very impressed how fast you got one up about our mutual friend, gal Soph, so forgive me for not doing more in the way of a proper hello. (smile face with a wink -- I don't know how to get those little emoticon faces to show up, drives me nuts I can tell you). Anyway, never done this before, awkward, huh.
But you already made me laugh, and at the end of the day there's nothing more important: we're all here for the laughs, I believe. Oh, and the free swag, if there is any.
Best regards,

Will said...

George, now where the Guggenheim did I get Stephen from? I do apologise. You have to understand we used aluminium pans for a lot longer over here, and the effects are only just starting to hit my generation.

I think choosing a new monika is quite fun, and you should definitely take ‘Sailor’ as yours.

I hope to read about Willie's story very soon.

And remember he who dies with the most stuff wins!