Saturday, 14 August 2010

Leaving for Gatwick - July 2009

It's twerley - that's all I can say. Having spent the night mostly half awake running through fictitious conundrums that my subconscious thought needed clearing up in order for me to safely reach morning.

I sometimes wonder whether I will always be tired. Always to bed too late, and always too early to rise.

Although it is yet 5.30 am my carriage on this Gatwick Express is already chocker with elderly blond (dyed) queens and Japanese girls. Where are they all going? Surely they can't all be heading to the Outer Hebrides? We'll have to see.

Oh dear Cruella De Ville has just got on - sans Dalmatians

My Addison Lee was perfect - oh how I love the certain, prompt, quiet comfort they provide. Such a good way to start a trip. So much better than Carol's Cars, where you are always on the edge of your seat waiting for the call to tell you how late your car will be.  With Addison Lee you know 5 minutes before it is due you'll receive a text telling you it is outside. Smart polite drivers who take your case for you. Anyway 20 mins door to door, so as always I was well and truly early.

Everyone is so tired, too tired even for their faces to form recognisable expressions. It is as if gravity and evolution have turned us all droopy and uncoordinated. A man just did a dance as he came through the door as it tried to claim him. He was unable to muster the required - stop -press button - wait to open - walk through.

The morning sun is beautiful over the river. How I love central London early in the day - as it is waking up.

When they say 'sorry for any delay' surely they mean 'the' delay? So all my earliness has been eaten away by their tardiness.

I see the lady with the Pashmeena is travelling EasyJet. I wonder whether she's seen my BA luggage tag - well actually it's a Concorde luggage tag. She's probably green with it - she is developing a twitch though - I wonder if it is related?

Why do buildings on industrial estates always have slanted roofs? Do they want to look all Bart Simpson stylee? Probably trying to get on the bandwagon of Lisa's 2012 Olympic fame!

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Bry said...

How wonderful to travel and leave our (my) dreary lives behind. A horse-drawn carriage along the Corniche; a Vespa weaving the streets of Rome; walking shoes and steps to climb. What delights!