Monday, 9 May 2011

Giving Up

No don't worry this isn't a last dash attempt to share before I flutter from this world by way of desperate measures. Nothing so poetic.

So I haven't written for a while - this is true, but I'm not sure why, although I have been quite busy. I don't seem to have ignited the sparkler which normally fizzes into a creative blurt. But spurned on by the productive creativity of those more able, I am keen to let you know that I am still here and give you something in return for your kind attention.

So yes, I've been giving up! And I must say those three degrees moves are strangely reminiscent of my own in house boogeyrobics (if no 3 degrees vid present I suggest you go and enjoy this at the original source

I've given up a lot of things over the years, I've given up girls, I've given up meat,  I've given up religion, I've even given up on David Soul.............

I've given up the fags, I've given up eating unhealthily, and I've given up my fair share of men. [surely enough giving up - Ed]. Well yes, indeed, a polite sufficiency of  removal and reduction to be sure.

The biggest thing I ever gave up was the fags, Gawd Blimey did I like a smoke. There are so few photos of me without a fag in my hand between the ages of 20 and 35, and this was because during waking hours I was invariably smoking. Adrian used to worry that the only place I wasn't able to smoke was the shower, and set about designing me a Heath Robinson esque waterproof smoking device. We never actually put it into production, but it made the point that I was very good at smoking.

The other thing I have always been very good at is drinking. My speciality as those who have shared a tipple or two with me over the years is vin fin rouge. Oh my how the red grape has slideth down my throat over the years, more than occasionally. When I finally gave up smoking I recall being amazed by the ease with which I transmogrified from a smoker to a non smoker. But even though I was pleased and amazed, I told the assembled that whatever came to pass 'don't expect me to give up the grape, cos it just ain't happenin'.'

So what have I gone and given up now then? Yes drink! No wonder I've been busy - I have a lot more energy and down time to fill. Has it been easy - yes, why? because I am not experiencing it as a deficit model, I don't feel like I am doing without anything, I don't feel like I am missing anything, there is nothing negative about it actually. I'm not quite sure why - maybe it was my time, maybe like so many bloody things in our lives the anticipation is worse than the execution.

But I am enjoying the benefits, including a waist difference resulting from my wine calories reduction, better sleeping, and never a fuzzy head, a bit more energy, and loads of cupboards cleaned and dusty corners cleared.

So that's what I have been doing, that and looking forward to retirement and wishing I had a new car, and longing for a villa by the sea, and trying to win the lottery, and thinking about Prince Harry and ................

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Bunched Undies said...

I can understand forsaking smoke and drink...but David Soul?

Truly you hail from hardy stock.