Friday, 13 May 2011

The People's Poet

I see it, I write it.........

Midday Poetry Part 2

People struggling off their scooters and puffing out of breath,
Queuing for expensive over the counter medications they don't actually need,
But have seen advertised loudly and in Technicolor on Sky Living and ITV 1.

People in clothes too small, podgy in lace, lycra and gold trimmed leggings,
Straining to hear and understand each other's familial heckles,
Through the fog and slurry of grunted adenoidal diction.

People shouting txt speak in catalogue knock off - 'O.M.G!',
'he'll be on crack next - I'm gonna start 'losin' ri-spect for 'im',
Whilst eating fried foods, their mouths wide open as they drop litter without shame.

1 comment:

Bry said...

You may as well be writing about the Australia of the second decade! Captures life as we know it quite accurately methinks!