Saturday, 8 March 2008

Are you white?

There's been a lot of talk this week about the white working class and how these days they have no one to represent them. The Labour party who were previously the natural home of the working class is now a middle class, middle road emporium of bland, rather than strength for the workers of Britain. But also the working class are no longer the workers of Britain. This role has been taken over by our Eastern European neighbours, who are happy to pick caulis for 2 pounds an hour as it is still more than they can earn in their country of origin.

The working class are to some extent becoming the workless class, and no one is for them; the trade unions are no longer a strength to reckon with, and as the manufacturing base of this country declines further and further, so has the down tools ability of country wide control they once held.

Not that any of this movement is necessarily a bad thing, but it has led to a real shift in social structures, representation and of course there is no one left to play the spoons.

The BBC have even marked this 'new invisibility' with a new series called White which documents Poles meeting rivers of blood and working men’s clubs lying empty in mostly Muslim neighbourhoods.

So what is the answer for the white working class?

I think there can only be one answer to this. There should be more cockeney knees ups. Apron dancing should be taught in our schools, and all Councils should have a signed picture of Lou Beales in the Town Hall and all the newly signed up immigrants should be required, at their citizenship ceremony, to turn to the picture and say. 'Cor blimey, me old ducks, can you adam and eve it, I ain't half feelin' a bit Tom. 'Ave a banana'.

I think that is all that is required, to be brutally frank.

All the best from the west.


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